Work with Us

Dear Sirs
we appreciate that you consider to distribute our products.

As the producer of software and hardware we will try to encourage you to sell these products. And we can offer you several plans to fit with your business :

  • You are our dealer and order on request
  • You are our dealer and order contingent software packages you buy with discount
  • You work with the internet and get free hosted webshopsites. We implement shop and keep the shop and articles up to date. We deliver neutral to your client. Your profit respond to the total volume
  • You have existing websites and we work with links together. You get commission on these sales

Easy Quick Uncomplicated and Steady

Thats our behaviour and we want to work with  you on these reliable partnership agreement base.
We  be on hand for this cooperation and wait for your call.

Talk with us + 49 (0) 511 52489 325 or send a mail to EMail.

GoCom die Service Group